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Byron Bay – The Ultimate Nature Experience

By May 7, 2022May 23rd, 2024news, things to do
Broken Head drone image

Byron Bay offers some of the most pristine environmental landscapes Australia has to offer. This is one reason people from all over the world migrate to this little slice of heaven. It is also the reason why so many animals choose to make it home.

In previous blogs, we have talked about Byron’s beautiful scenery and how it is a must-see. Reading back over those posts, we realised there was something that we hadn’t quite touched on yet. That undefinable something that connects us to our region in a way that an urban environment can’t. Then listening to the Kookaburras laugh this week, it clicked. The wildlife!

It is not often we would ask you to stick with us; however, the message we have to share at the end is an important one.


By Sera Wright via Australian Geographic

Byron is a very happening place with lots of people and infrastructure. You wouldn’t think it possible to see native flora and fauna in their natural habitat. Well fortunately for us (and you), we find ourselves situated perfectly right in the middle of Broken Head Nature Reserve.

That means that the habitat around us is protected and predominantly untouched. The conservation value of these lands is very high meaning it is unlikely any other significant developments will occur in the area.

As a result of this, it is highly likely that you will be able to encounter a host of local fauna while you’re out discovering. Whether it’s kangaroos jumping through the sand dunes, koalas lazing about or possums hopping from tree to tree, the opportunities for wildlife spotting are endless! We have even seen an echidna or two burrowing their way into our gardens before.

via Byron and Beyond
Via Byron and Beyond


via jonnymelon.com

Australia garners a lot of attention for its beautiful beaches and incredible swell (and rightly so). However, there is something that slides under the radar when it comes to our coastline. Marine life!

Byron Bay is fortunate enough to bear witness to one of the greatest migrations in the world each year between May and November. When you visit during these months, you will spot Southern Hemisphere humpback whales as they travel north around Cape Byron heading to warmer waters to mate and calve. If you time your visit later in the year, you get to watch the pods linger a little as they rest and play on their return to the Antarctic waters. 

Hump Back Whale breaching against a stormy sky
Via National Geographic

The Cape Byron Marine Park extends from Broken Head on the south side to the north of Byron town ensuring the protection of a vast range of beautiful and unique marine creatures.

We have experienced the joy many times of being joined by a pod of dolphins as we surfed a wave. Now if anything is going to reconnect you with nature, that will do the trick.

Oh, and we can’t forget the turtles! Our protected waters are also home to an abundance of these amazing creatures. 


via Australian Geographic
By Sera Wright via Australian Geographic

Imagine this. You’re lying back listening to the waves crash. You’re in your happy place, and all is good in the world. Then, out of nowhere, you hear someone (or something) laughing at you.

Rude! No, that’s not a local having a joke at your expense. That is, in fact, a kookaburra sitting in a tree singing out to the rest of its family. This actually occurs way more often then you might think because we’re fortunate enough to share our home with many local kookaburras. As long as you’re up for a bit of a laugh with them, you’re bound to have a great time with these quirky, native birds, and we’re sure they will be an absolute highlight of your trip.

Via San Diego Zoo
By Sera Wright via San Diego Zoo

We want to let it be known too that while we do love our local kookaburras, they’re not the only beautiful birds flying around these parts. If you gaze out to the sky, you will find a plethora of birdlife out there. Whether it is a sea eagle, a pelican, an osprey, a cockatoo or a kingfisher, you’re bound to see some of the most beautiful birdlife the planet has to offer.

Australian 2019/2020 Bushfires

We’re sure you have all heard and read about the tragic bushfires that began in the latter half of 2019 and have continued to devastate the Australian continent into 2020. All predictions estimate for the fires to relentlessly continue for the months ahead without any sign of slowing down.

At the time of publishing this blog (January 9th, 2020), 23 people have died with many more unaccounted for or injured. 1800+ properties have been lost, over 100,000 square kilometres of land has been burnt (area totalling the size of Iceland) and over 1 billion (yes, billion) Australian animals have perished.

Lukas Coch via Reuters
By Lukas Coch via Reuters

Despite the unimaginable damage that has occurred as a result of these horrific events, the Australian spirit remains strong with Aussies standing up and offering anything they can to help those impacted. They are doing this by making monetary donations to organisations and charities to assist in fighting the bushfires. They are also offering beds to those who need shelter and giving clothes, food or water to those who have lost their homes. Some are offering love, sympathy and a hug or a much-needed shoulder to cry on. It doesn’t matter how much or how little they have, everyone is standing together and giving where they can. Furthermore, the generosity shown on a global scale is immense. Money is coming from all corners of the world, and it really does reflect the purity and kindness that resides within the human soul at times of hardship and devastation.

Here at Byron Beach Retreats, we are very fortunate. As I write, our beautiful region remains mostly unaffected by the bushfires. We are safe, and our area has been spared of all but the haze. Being untouched means that we are in a position to fight for those who can’t. That’s why we have chosen to support WIRES (NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Inc.). WIRES has been rescuing and caring for wildlife for over 30 years, and recent weeks have been some of the worst in our history. 

How You Can Help | Donate Now

By David Mariuz via Reuters

If you would like to donate to WIRES, a link can be found HERE. Every dollar counts, and we sincerely thank you for helping to save our precious wildlife.

Guest comments

Most beautiful, luxurious place we have ever stayed! It had all of the things that we enjoyed such as bikes, yoga mats and chairs to relax in on the deck that overlooked the gorgeous gardens. I would not hesitate to recommend this place to a friend and I will be staying here again in the future for a lovely getaway.

We really enjoyed our stay it was awesome!! Close proximity to the beach and the house itself was beyond belief!!

From the moment we opened the door we were greeted with beautiful high ceilings, stunning timber floors and an AMAZING lush tropical garden where you could hear the waves crashing on the shore. This property is truly magical…

The property is of excellent quality and presented in immaculate condition. The wildlife is wonderful and there are beautiful walking tracks through the national park practically right at your back door.

A definite highlight was the ability to open up the doors off the studio and enjoy the natural surroundings including the sound of the ocean with the beach being a minute away! We absolutely loved every minute of our stay and found that the location was perfect…

We enjoyed so many things…. but an absolute highlight was watching the dolphins and whales from the lookout off broken head ….a gorgeous walk!!

…Above all it’s the serenity that sets this place apart as it’s seems to be engulfed but it’s own private rain forest.

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