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Byron Bay


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a myriad of surf spots from hidden away beach breaks to the world renowned right hand point breaks

Byron Bay is without doubt one of the most iconic places in the world to go surfing. There are a myriad of surf spots from hidden away beach breaks to the world renowned right hand point breaks. Many surfers live in Byron Bay just to surf in the beauty of Byron Bay and surrounding beaches. The laid back Byron Bay surfing lifestyle attracts thousands of visitors each year.

We’ve listed many of Byron Bays beaches, including the best ones for surfing and some of the lesser known beaches (where clothes are optional!)

If you’re a beginner surfer it’s always a good idea to have a surf lesson to learn about the waves and a bit about surfing etiquette. A lesson is well worth it as the feeling of catching your first wave is without a doubt just amazing!

The Best Byron Bay Beaches for Surfers!

The map above shows the best surfing beaches which are more easily accessible from town. Check out this map of Byron Bay beaches which includes all the beaches mentioned in this article. Beaches close to town centre include; Belongil Beach, The Wreck, Main Beach, The Pass, Wategos, Cosy Corner. As you head south from town there’s Tallow Beach, and Suffolk Park beach which is dog friendly.

Continue south to find Broken Head and the secluded Kings, White’s and Bray’s Beaches.

Belongil Beach

Belongil Beach is the most northerly beach and is about one km north of Main Beach, it is a consistent beach suitable for all levels of surfing ability. It works best on a south easterly swell with an off-shore southerly or south westerly wind. It’s a quieter beach than some others which is good for beginners when the waves are small. However, be careful as there can be strong rip currents when the swells are larger.

And be aware that parts of Belongil Beach are unofficial ‘clothes optional’. Use your discretion as it isn’t one of the legal nude beaches, but you do quite often spot a few naked people around!

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The Wreck

Just north of Main beach is a favourite amongst locals – The Wreck. This isn’t a beach as such but it’s a popular and well-known surf break. It works best in a south-east or east swell with southerly winds. The level of ability needed to successfully surf this spot can depend on the size of the swell. The waves are consistently hollow due to the sandbank that the old shipwreck creates.

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Main Beach

Located right in front of the town and the Beach Hotel, Main Beach is suitable for all levels of surfers. It’s also the most popular beach, so it can get busy with surfers, swimmers and even some kayakers. On larger swells there can be heavy rips here so be careful. There are surf lifesavers patrolling during summer.

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The Pass

Further out towards the lighthouse The Pass is a world-famous right-hand point break. When the swell is a gentle 2-3ft, and with a south easterly wind, you get the most beautiful waves rolling in from the point.

The Pass is often described as one of the best surf beaches in Australia, so it’s Byron Bays most popular surf spot, as a result it can be hectic. It’s primarily known as a longboarding wave and unfortunately, some of the longboarders choose to surf without a legrope and selfishly this can cause many accidents, so keep an eye out for loose boards. It’s also where some dive boats head out from, so be aware!

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Wategos is a sheltered beach that’s great for swimming and body surfing as it tends to have calmer water than some of the other beaches in Byron Bay. It’s not the greatest for surfboard riding, but head here for a day of relaxed sunbathing and swimming.

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Cosy Corner Beach

If it’s a nice day you can walk to Cosy Corner Beach, it’ll take you about 30 minutes, which is fine if you’re just heading here to watch the hang-gliders launching themselves off the cliff above. If you’re bringing your surfboard, then head here by car. You’ll have to pay to park but with the right conditions, the surfing here is excellent, so it’s well worth it. Tip: Cosy Corner is one of the few breaks protected from the dreaded northerlies, so it’s popular in summer. It’s also a great place to see the local dolphins playing in the surf.

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Tallow beach

Tallow Beach spans all the way from Cosy Corner to the beginning of Suffolk Park. It offers both right and left-hand waves depending on the swell and wind direction.  There can be strong rip currents here so unless it’s tiny it’s not ideal for beginners who should probably head back into Main Beach and Clarkes Beach as a safer choice.

Tallows Beach Byron Bay
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Suffolk Park

Suffolk Park is south of Byron Bay. It’s a quiet beach and very exposed to the open ocean swells and is not patrolled by surf lifesavers so only experienced surfers should head here. Tip – Suffolk Park is a dog-friendly beach say take your furry mates they’ll love it.

Suffolk Park Beach Byron Bay
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Broken Head Beach

Broken Head is a beautiful quiet place to head to for a day out away from the crowds on Main Beach. There are excellent facilities here, including a small shop, BB Q’s, showers and a picnic area. Broken Head is popular with families, swimmers, kayakers, fisher people and surfers. Also, a 10-minute walk through the national park takes you to the popular whale and dolphin watching spot from the headland overlooking the Three Sisters.

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Tyagarah Beach

Head north from Byron Bay towards the Gold Coast and you can find Tyagarah Beach. If you’ve visited all the other beaches on this list, then you might have stumbled across a few people getting naked at some unofficial ‘clothes optional’ beaches. Tyagarah has an optional clothing section of beach 500 metres along from Belongil Creek. There can be good small waves but best for the more experienced surfers as there are no lifesavers here.

Tyagarah Beach is an excellent spot for whale watching during whale season and is surrounded by the Tyagarah Nature Reserve. Being quite a bit further out of town, this beach tends to be quieter.

That’s our guide to the surfing beaches in Byron Bay -but they are suitable for everyone, not only surfers but swimmers, kayakers, fisherman, whale watchers, hikers, hang gliders and even nudists!

If you are learning to surf and we recommend a lesson or two, join the fun for some surfing lessons, the surf schools will take you to the best beaches in Byron Bay to learn to surf and get a knowledge of the etiquette so that you and others are safe out there.

Enjoy surfing and exploring our Byron Bay beaches, stay safe respect Byron Bay’s beaches!

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Stay close to Byron Bay beaches

Enjoy exploring and surfing our beautiful Byron Bay beaches, only a minute walk from Broken Head. Our stays are perfectly suited for your next getaway.

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The property is of excellent quality and presented in immaculate condition. The wildlife is wonderful and there are beautiful walking tracks through the national park practically right at your back door.

A definite highlight was the ability to open up the doors off the studio and enjoy the natural surroundings including the sound of the ocean with the beach being a minute away! We absolutely loved every minute of our stay and found that the location was perfect…

We enjoyed so many things…. but an absolute highlight was watching the dolphins and whales from the lookout off broken head ….a gorgeous walk!!

…Above all it’s the serenity that sets this place apart as it’s seems to be engulfed but it’s own private rain forest.

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