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COVID-19 The Road to Recovery

By June 18, 2020June 2nd, 2022news

Wow. Just… wow. We really don’t have any other words to express our feelings and thoughts about 2020, and I don’t think we’re the only ones in this boat. 

man on a surfboard with right hand on his head

From the outset 2020 has marked itself as a year to remember. The start of a new decade should ignite hope and excitement for a bright future but, the bringing in of this one saw Australia absolutely devastated by bushfires ravaging our east coast. From Queensland, all the way down to Victoria, our beautiful wildlife and stunning landscapes were decimated. 

At the time, we thought that this would be the event of 2020, the ‘thing’ that would define us as a nation. We would remember and be proud of how we rallied together to support those in need to the best of our abilities. Hindsight is interesting, isn’t it? Never in a million years did we ever think that something else would come along on a global scale that would be even more horrifying. But here we are now, lucky to be moving out of an international pandemic with COVID 19 still delivering its devastating impact across many nations throughout the world. 

The gift of gratitude

We could dwell and become overwhelmed, but instead, let’s look to the light. The bush is bursting back to life after the bushfires, and our gorgeous land is beginning to bloom again. Our national, state and local governments joined to take quick and affirmative action to prevent disaster. Because of this, New South Wales is now open for business post-COVID-19. There is no doubt that many social distancing and hygiene regulations in place are here to stay, (click here for the most up to date restrictions). But NSW is now well placed to extend you a big warm, safe welcome back. 

It’s been hard. But life after this will be better because we are going to have a far greater understanding and appreciation for the beautiful world in which we live and the freedoms that we enjoy. We will treasure our loved ones and cherish every moment and memory we make with them. We will stop taking for granted all the day to day comforts we value so dearly and see life with new eyes. Brighter eyes. 

Humans are not biologically developed to go through difficult times alone. At our core, we are pack animals that thrive in the safety and support of numbers. We recommend embracing those natural instincts by getting out there to help those in our community in need of assistance. The first step on the road to recovery is to get out and support your locals (in a socially distant manner, of course). 

pink cockatoo sitting on a branch

How you can help

Just below we’ve listed a few ideas that come to mind but please don’t feel limited to these:

  • Go to small businesses to buy your groceries. 
  • Go and spend the money you saved while in isolation and buy yourself that camera that you’ve always wanted. 
  • Start a new hobby. 
  • Start preparing early for beach season and begin personal training. 
  • Treat yourself to a midweek meal from your favourite local restaurant. 

The options are endless, and so is the hope and joy that businesses will experience when you walk through their doors. 

This message goes to everybody. Whether you are a Byron Bay local, somebody road tripping their way through the state or one of our wonderful international readers; your actions make a difference!

Where to from here

Here at Byron Beach Retreats, we have been doing all we can to support the local community. We’re on first names with our local grocer, post office attendant, florist, personal trainer and butcher and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We have used this time to appreciate the simple things and tap into the beautiful natural environment that surrounds us. We are incredibly grateful for the beautiful Byron Bay community that has been our life raft, calmly sweeping us back to shore during these trying times. We hope to see you here soon so you can experience it too. 

Guest comments

Most beautiful, luxurious place we have ever stayed! It had all of the things that we enjoyed such as bikes, yoga mats and chairs to relax in on the deck that overlooked the gorgeous gardens. I would not hesitate to recommend this place to a friend and I will be staying here again in the future for a lovely getaway.

We really enjoyed our stay it was awesome!! Close proximity to the beach and the house itself was beyond belief!!

From the moment we opened the door we were greeted with beautiful high ceilings, stunning timber floors and an AMAZING lush tropical garden where you could hear the waves crashing on the shore. This property is truly magical…

The property is of excellent quality and presented in immaculate condition. The wildlife is wonderful and there are beautiful walking tracks through the national park practically right at your back door.

A definite highlight was the ability to open up the doors off the studio and enjoy the natural surroundings including the sound of the ocean with the beach being a minute away! We absolutely loved every minute of our stay and found that the location was perfect…

We enjoyed so many things…. but an absolute highlight was watching the dolphins and whales from the lookout off broken head ….a gorgeous walk!!

…Above all it’s the serenity that sets this place apart as it’s seems to be engulfed but it’s own private rain forest.

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