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Pet Friendly Byron Bay Accommodation & Surrounds

By May 22, 2022May 23rd, 2024accommodation, pet friendly

As the old saying goes, travel is truly the one thing in life that you can purchase that makes you richer. So why is it that our fur babies need to miss out?

dog in the beach - Pet Friendly Byron Bay Accommodation & Surrounds blog

We love travel. It opens your ears, eyes and mind to experiences and cultures that you never dreamed imaginable. Unfortunately, however, we constantly hear of one common issue. That being the lack of pet friendly accommodation. Well never fear because here at Byron Beach Retreats we have the back of both yourself and your furry best mate. Byron Bay is already a pretty friendly place. We just want to help make it friendly to everyone (regardless of species).

Byron Beach Retreats Pet Friendly Accommodation


Before we get into all the incredible things you can do with your little mates, we just want to give you a run down of the pet friendly accommodation options we have you available to you.

The Boardwalk RetreatOur premier property – this immaculate property has five stunning pavilions that are connected by timber boardwalks that effortlessly integrate indoor/outdoor entertainment areas to both stun and impress every visitor to walk through the door. Furthermore, you will have access to lush tropical gardens, private beach access and a heated magnesium pool and spa. It accommodates 14 guests across five rooms. The decision doesn’t really come down to whether to book this property (it’s already a given that you should) but rather whether you invite 13 human guests or 13 of your furry best mates.

The Beach House is perfectly suited for a family getaway. You, your partner and the kids (human and canine). With three bedrooms and the capacity for seven people this is everything you could possibly ask for in your pet friendly getaway. Not only is the Beach House nestled away in pristine rainforest, but it’s also fully fenced so your dog (and the children) are free to roam the backyard without the chance of escaping down to the beach solo.

Beach House - Pet Friendly Byron Bay Accommodation & Surrounds blog
Bungalow - Pet Friendly Byron Bay Accommodation & Surrounds blog

The Bungalow: This property is designed for a solo getaway with your fur baby (partner optional). With one bedroom, one bathroom and the capacity for four people you couldn’t find a better option to have a beautiful Byron Bay trip with your furry best mate. Award winning architectural design, a king size master bedroom, a fully equipped kitchen and a fully fenced garden and lawn leaves you asking only one question: Is inviting my partner going to distract me from my romantic getaway with my dog?

Eloping & Proposing In Byron Bay


We can see it now. Beautiful blue skies, turquoise water, pristine white sand beaches and, yes, your fur baby at your side. With our pet friendly accommodation your best friend does not need to miss out on this momentous milestone. Make sure your elopement/proposal is truly special by having your whole family there and skip having to break the news to them (and why they missed out) when you arrive back home.

Do you want to make your elopement/proposal extra special? Are you staying at the Bungalow for a romantic getaway? Well our friends at Wild Goat Events can help organise a truly special experience on property for you and your partner at incredibly competitive prices. Hop across to their website now to have a look at the package deals that they offer.

Wild Goat Events - Cedar & Salt Photography - Pet Friendly Byron Bay Accommodation & Surrounds blog
Via Wild Goat Events – Cedar & Salt Photography

Dog Friendly Beaches


Byron Bay is home to some of most beautiful beaches in all of Australia. Unfortunately, they are not open to all patrons that visit the area with your canine besties having to take one for the team.

Whilst this is quite the annoyance, it is a necessary evil in the name of beach management. Don’t stress though. That doesn’t mean that your fur baby is completely banned from all beaches in Byron Bay. Far from it in fact. That just means that they have their own beach to run and fetch as much as they like. 

Our closest dog beach is Tallows Beach. This beach stretches for just under four kilometres and is located couple of minutes drive from our retreats.  Tallows Beach gives all the space in the world for you and your mate to enjoy Byron Bay and get the most out of the beautiful white sand beaches that it has to offer. Who knows, you might even make a new friend or two. Feel free to visit this website for all information regarding dog friendly beaches of Byron Bay. 

byron bay pet friendly accommodation

Dog Friendly Cafes


Byron Fresh Café, The Hideout, Mokha, Hunky Dory, Combi – pet-friendly as long as they our outside and not permitted inside.

Byron Fresh Cafe - Pet Friendly Byron Bay Accommodation & Surrounds blog
Via Byron Fresh Cafe
The Treehouse on Belongil - Pet Friendly Byron Bay Accommodation & Surrounds blog
Via Pinterest – Treehouse on Belongil

The Farm


The Farm is everything that it suggests in the name and so much more. Essentially, it is a working farm where produce is grown and collected. On site they have a range of facilities including a restaurant, a bakery, a market garden, gelato and multiple nurseries.  The residents of Byron Bay hold a special place in their heart for The Farm and in return, The Farm works closely with the local community to provide a range of unique and special experiences for all of those who visit.

No, we haven’t forgotten your furry little children and neither has The Farm. The property hosts a range of livestock that are free to roam as much as they like. In addition to that, so can your happy doggo, just remember to take a lead and a plastic bag to pick up any little presents they might leave behind. Who knows, your furry little friend might even make some new mates of their own.

The Farm Byron Bay - Pet Friendly Byron Bay Accommodation & Surrounds blog

Rocky Creek Dam


Rocky Creek Dam is an absolutely incredible experience that both you and your furry mate will enjoy. Located just upstream of Lismore, it has four walking tracks (ranging from 1.2 to 6 kilometres) surrounding the dam and a Nature Reserve for you and your dog to enjoy. There are endless picnic areas for you to enjoy while you look over the beautiful aesthetics that the area has to offer. Who knows, you might even spot a local platypus.

The only thing we ask of you while you take your mate out for a walk is that you keep them on a leash and you take a plastic bag to pick up any waste they leave behind. If you want any additional information feel free to visit this website.

Rocky Creek Dam - Pet Friendly Byron Bay Accommodation & Surrounds blog
Via Inspirock

Guest comments

Most beautiful, luxurious place we have ever stayed! It had all of the things that we enjoyed such as bikes, yoga mats and chairs to relax in on the deck that overlooked the gorgeous gardens. I would not hesitate to recommend this place to a friend and I will be staying here again in the future for a lovely getaway.

We really enjoyed our stay it was awesome!! Close proximity to the beach and the house itself was beyond belief!!

From the moment we opened the door we were greeted with beautiful high ceilings, stunning timber floors and an AMAZING lush tropical garden where you could hear the waves crashing on the shore. This property is truly magical…

The property is of excellent quality and presented in immaculate condition. The wildlife is wonderful and there are beautiful walking tracks through the national park practically right at your back door.

A definite highlight was the ability to open up the doors off the studio and enjoy the natural surroundings including the sound of the ocean with the beach being a minute away! We absolutely loved every minute of our stay and found that the location was perfect…

We enjoyed so many things…. but an absolute highlight was watching the dolphins and whales from the lookout off broken head ….a gorgeous walk!!

…Above all it’s the serenity that sets this place apart as it’s seems to be engulfed but it’s own private rain forest.

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